Data Assets,
Finally Owned by Me

A new cryptocurrency empowering data ownership


  • ME TokenGovernance

    The ME ecosystem is community driven, without intervention by any administrators. Each ME Token holder is a member of the decentralized ME community and are able to propose, vote, and impact the product development and future directions of ME.

    If you don’t like some features of the ME products, Vote.

  • Data Ownership

    Your data has value, and the ME Token wants to reward you for the data you contribute.

    Once you opt-in, your data is anonymized, aggregated, and exchanged as big data. After data points shared in the ecosystem are confirmed on the blockchain, users will automatically get rewarded with ME tokens.

How to Earn ME

The app icon of RewardMe
Shopping Rewards App


The Me Token is now available from the one and only RewardMe app. RewardMe is a shopping reward app that allows users to earn cashback in both cryptocurrency or cash.
Start Earning Your First ME Token
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2 Ways to Earn ME Tokens from RewardMe App

  • Shopping Rewards Program

    Earn rewards in ME tokens from your favorite merchants

  • Staking Program

    Stake cryptocurrency MDT to earn more ME tokens